Together, the Automobile and Motorcycle Association Ltd (AMA) and it's affiliates make up the group of AMA clubs. The AMA is the national peak industry body for recreational vehicle, automobile and motorcycle related recreation and facilities in Australia. The sensible structure of the AMA clubs means social camping, recreational driving and riding and amateur racing  is made more affordable for the whole family, so you can get outdoors and do what you love most, whether 'on road' or 'off road'.  Discover More About Us >>

A sanctioned event of the AMA means an event, which is submitted by an AMA official authorised to submit events, that is approved and detailed on the relevenat AMA events calendar. A sanction is the signalling to the local community and others that the event is appropriately insured and that it embodies the principles of safety, fairness and responsibility, that characterise AMA sanctioned events.

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