AMA Action Centre

  • 31st May 2022

    Thanks to the work of the Australasian Off Road Vehicle Association (AORVA) and its industry supporters Can-Am and Polaris, the Queensland Government has granted conditional forest access for Side by Side Vehicles (SSV). Read the AORVA Media Release.

    The Automobile and Motorcycle Association Ltd (the AMA) has partnered with AORVA, which means the AMA will soon be able to offer AMA Driver Members the opportunity to get outdoors more often in select QLD State Forests with their compliant SSVs. 

    The Forestry (Use of Side by Side Vehicles) Amendment Regulation 2022 requires that SSVs have a power-to-weight ratio of not more than 115kW per tonne. The List of Can-Am and Polaris compliant SSVs coming ASAP.

    The AMA General Events Code is for use by AMA SSV Recreation Leaders. The Code provides a set of rules, which has been prepared to assist the organisers to plan, run and manage AMA sanctioned events safely, while meeting legal requirements, government standards and health and safety obligations.

    A sanction means an event which is submitted by an AMA Recreation Leader authorised to submit events, which is approved and detailed on the event calendar. A sanction is the signalling to the local community and others that the event is appropriately insured and that it embodies the principles of AMA Outdoors, which characterise AMA sanctioned events.

    The AMA needs Recreation Leaders that can follow the AMA codes and help others to get outdoors more often with their forest compliant SSVs.

    We will be releasing the AMA QLD Recreation SSV Events checklist ASAP, which is a quick guide on how to get membership, register your SSV, become a Recreation Leader and lead SSV recreation events in a QLD SSV permitted forest near you.

    Strength in numbers is what will help AORVA to continue their imperative political lobbyingwork to help you get outdoors more often with your SSV? Join AORVA now, its FREE!!