Event Insurance

Essential public liability for running an event

  • Protects the organiser and landowner in the event of a claim for up to $20m;

  • Covers volunteers appointed to help run an event;

  • Applies to all events registered with the Automobile and Motorcycle Association Ltd (AMA)

Peace of mind protection for your event


Insurance for events - How does it work? 

Events are the lifeblood of the AMA. We want Organisers to enjoy running safe events in the knowledge that support is there when its needed. 

What is event insurance?

For the protection of participants and all those involved in the management of registered and insured events, the AMA provides through its public liability insurance policy, an indemnity, limited to $20,000,000 for legal liabilities arising from claims made against an event organiser, landowner, official or participant* that involves either bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

Liability insurance helps to ensure that event organisers and their volunteers are covered against claims from third parties if an incident happens during an event.

This is not a policy that the AMA resells, that's against the law. What the AMA does is extend the insurance policy we have taken out as an organisation and apply it to our affiliates, with a majority contribution applied to affiliation fees in order to cover the insurance policies. All events promoted under the auspices of the AMA are provided with this cover upon receipt of a properly completed online event registration form by officials that are authorised to submit events.

In the unlikely event that a claim is directed at an event official or landowner ‘as an individual', rather than as a representative of an event, the AMA also provides to that individual the benefit of ‘Directors & Officers Liability' insurance which provides indemnity against ‘wrongful acts'** committed by ‘individuals' acting on behalf of an event held under the auspices of the AMA.


* Individual cover of $5k death and $25k disablement is available as an option to persons over 16 years whilst participating in AMA sanctioned events. 

** ‘Wrongful act' shall mean any actual or alleged breach of trust, breach of duty, neglect, error, misstatement, misleading statement, omission, breach of warranty of authority or other act wrongfully committed or attempted by the Official in the course of performing his duties as an Official.

More information is available in the Insurance Guide for Organisers.

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