About Leading

AMA Recreation Leaders are volunteers who ensure fairness and safety in AMA sanctioned recreation events and are present in all levels of motor vehicle and personal watercraft activities and operate across all disciplines.


  • Oversee and approve pre-event planning and documentation
  • Check risk assessments
  • Ensure clear communication with organisers, event teams, participants and parents
  • Hold briefings and debriefings
  • Demonstrate a duty of care
  • Promote responsibility of fair and safe conduct during motor vehicle sport events
  • Approve results, levy and complete reports post event.


  • Voluntary workers insurance cover of $100k death, $100k disablement and up to $1k weekly accident benefit 
  • Volunteers newsletter
  • Free recreation leader training
  • Support from officials support team and regional events officers


The AMA's trainer assessor supervises and supports trainee and certified recreation leaders and their events at all levels, to enable growth, development and ensure sustainability.

Recreation Leaders should be IT literate, in order to complete administration and submit forms online. Strong communication skills are needed in order to enable prompt exchanges, provide clear instructions and give honest feedback.


The AMA always needs new leaders. We rely on a workforce of leaders who ensure all AMA recreational driving and riding events are conducted in a fair and safe manner and that they follow the spirit of the principles of AMA Outdoors.

With the many AMA events held every year there is something for everyone. Please Note: AMA certified leaders are required to have an active AMA Club Membership. You can not apply for leader certification unless you are a current financial member. 

Find out further information on Leader Training or for information about local opportunities Contact Us.

The AMA has a commitment to support and encourage you in developing and contributing to the education of drivers and riders through training, programs and recreation activities.

To become a certified AMA Recreation Leader you will need to either:

  1. prove your past or current Recreation Leader/ Tour Guide or equivalent qualifications obtained from other national associations; or
  2. complete an education and training program to provide you with the skills and knowledge to enable you to officiate as a Leader.

Below is a brief outline of how you become an AMA Recreation Leader.

Start as a Trainee Leader

A Trainee Leader is a person that does not hold any Recreation Leader/ Tour Guide or equivalent qualifications from the AMA or other national association or have any Leader experience. To get started, all Trainee Le4aders must first sign up to officiate as an Event Assistant with the AMA and enrol and commence the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Community Officiating General Principles (COGP) online course. This course has been developed to assist officials learning the basic skills they will need to officiate effectively. 

A Trainee Leader may only 'Assist' an AMA-certified leader and must keep a duty log of all officiating activities. In the event that an AMA-certified leader is unable to perform his/ her duties at an event for health or other reasons and the Trainee Leader is confident in his/ her abilities to Lead, the Trainee Leader may become the Acting Leader under supervision of the AMA national events manager, to ensure continuity of the event. 

Once the Trainee Leader has successfully completed the AIS COGP online course and has logged a nominal amount of endorsed hours by the Supervising Leader, the AMA national trainer aassessor will verify the endorsement and upon approval, the Trainee Leader may apply for an AMA Sport Referee Level 1 Certification.

There are two levels of AMA Recreation Leader:

Level 1 Urban Recreation Leader

If you already have previous or existing Recreation Leader/ Tour Guide officials qualifications with other national sporting bodies, the AMA will recognise those qualifications as sufficient and the official may immediately apply for an AMA Recreation Leader Level 1 accreditation.

During your time as a Level 1 Recreation Leader, you should am to develop Advanced Level Officiating General Principles, which will permit you to advance as a Level 2 Remore Recreation Leader. To register Please complete the Level 2 Leader Course - Expression of Interest form.

Level 2 Remore Recreation Leader

To obtain an AMA Remote Recreation Leader accreditation, you must have had at least two years of experience as an active Urban Leader with the AMA or hold an equivalent qualification with any other organisation.

About the Courses

All officiating courses are delivered under the guidelines of the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS), an Australian Sports Commission (ASC) program, managed by the ASC’s Coaching & Officiating Unit. All AMA Leaders are recognised as having met the standards under the NOAS, recognised by the Commonwealth and State/Territory governments. 

All NOAS accreditations are valid for the term of your AMA volunteer registration but you must be able to show that you have been an active leader and have undertaken activities that will keep you current.

Leader Accreditation Requirements

To maintain your accreditation you must:

  1. Maintain Recreation Leader Authorisation with AMA during the accreditation period. This will ensure the offical is covered by professional indemnity insurance.
  2. If required, maintain a current Working with Children Check relevant to the state or territory in which you will be working.
  3. Each year, undertake leader duties at a minimum of three (3) events.
  4. You will be required to submit a duty log of your leader activities.


AMA Leaders Duty Log

AMA Leader Manual (TBA)

AMA Code of Conduct

A Recreation Leader Certification entitles the volunteer to:

  • receive AMA volunteer news;;
  • supervise AMA sanctioned recreational events involving drivers/ riders of registered motor vehicles or personal water craft; and
  • covered with voluntary workers insurance of $100k death, $100k disablement and $1k weekly accident benefit for events supervised by you, that are listed on the official calendar.
Duration: 3 years
Price: Free