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Instructions to Add Family Members

Instructions to Add Members to Your Family Membership Plan

So we can count each of your family members as one person, rather than counting your family as a group of one, can you please add the details of each of your family members in the ADD/ MANAGE FAMILY MEMBERS page and click on the button which says     New  

Once there, you'll need to select the membership plan you want to add your family members to. Please note: when adding family members to your account, they MUST each have their own Username eg. John.Smith, Billy.Smith, Emma.Smith, etc.

If you only have one email and need to register multiple solo or family members to your plan, you can usually extend the email address, eg.  can be extended to , which will still send all emails to the original address.

This is one of the most important things you can do as a family to help the AMA help you, ie the more members we can claim, the more we can make our government recognise the legitamcy and importance of our activities and the places needed for them!!

Please note: to download a copy of each of your family members membership cards, you will need to log out of your account, eg. John.Smith and login to the family members account with their Username, eg. Billy.Smith,or Emma.Smith, etc

Your patience and understanding for adding members is sincerely appreciated.

The AMA Team