About Volunteering


One of the AMA's most valuable assets is a group of loyal and dedicated volunteers which make the AMA's activities and events happen. The AMA Volunteer Manual provides an overview of what you can expect when volunteering with the club and answers some questions you may have before beginning volunteering with us.

Have a look at the information below and click on the links for further information. We look forward to you being involved with us.


Flexible volunteering is about choosing to help other people by giving up your time, skills or expertise in a way that suits their lifestyle. There are many different types of volunteering activities and the different opportunities can involve people giving up several hours a week, or helping at one activity or event when it is convenient for the volunteer.


Every person's motivation to volunteer is different and there are a lot of reasons to make a contribution to your community's activities. People often volunteer because they will: 

  • make a difference
  • gain a lot of satisfaction from helping others
  • meet people and socialise
  • develop existing and new skills
  • give something back to their interest 


  • Administrative
  • Advocacy
  • Communications
  • Coordination
  • Director
  • Event Operation (Coaching and Officiating)
  • Fundraising
  • Government Relations
  • Membership
  • Photography
  • Social Media


To prepare members for volunteer service, an online volunteer training program is being developed. Learn More >>


AMA Volunteers are often the first point of contact for AMA Club members. Volunteers help develop, promote and protect the motor vehicle and recreational vehicle lifestyle. Volunteers can be involved with AMA affiliate organizations and participate in AMA sanctioned events regardless of where they live. To volunteer for any of our general roles, please complete the General Volunteer Interest Form.


Club Coach

The AMA has a commitment to support and encourage you in developing and contributing to the education of motor vehicle and recreational vehicle users through training, programs, sport and recreation activities, whether it be at Club or Regional, State or National level. Learn More>>


Motor vehicle and recreational vehicle sport and recreation relies on officials who ensure events, across all disciplines are conducted in a fair and safe manner.

Event Assistant

An Event Assistant is a volunteer that helps Organisers, Leaders and Referees to manage AMA events. Together, event assistants are the glue that holds together the details of an event. Learn More>>

Event Organiser

An Event Organiser has the overall responsibility for the organisation of AMA social, education, sport and recreation events and their associated activities. All registered events are run under the codes and regulations of the AMA which coincide with the event insurance cover. Learn More>>

Recreational Leader

A Recreation Leader is a volunteer who ensure satisfaction and safety in AMA sanctioned recreation events involving drivers and riders of registerd motor vehicles and personal watercraft. Learn More>>

Sport Referee

A Sport Referee is a volunteer who ensure fairness and safety in AMA sanctioned sporting events and are present in all levels of competitive and non competitive motor vehicle sport activities and operate across all disciplines. Learn More>>

Regional Coordinators

AMA Club Members who would like to serve at a higher level in the areas of education, camping or recreational driving or riding can become an AMA Regional Chapter Coordinator. Learn More>>

Sport and Recreation Commissioners

A Commissioner is a volunteer that works to better sport and recreation events sanctioned by the AMA. Learn More>>