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Assistant Training

Assistant Training

The AMA has a commitment to support and encourage you in developing and contributing to motor vehicle driver and rider sport and recreation, whether it be at Club or Regional, State or National level. To become a certified AMA Assistant you must first be logged in as a current AMA Clubs member, so you can view the information about Volunteer Training

Through the online volunteer training course, members learn more about the club in order to become better volunteers, grassroots activists and membership promoters. Together, we will promote the motor vehicle and recreational vehicle lifestyle and protect the future of camping, driving, riding and racing in this country.

Once you have commenced the Volunteer Training course, you can sign up to get an Event Assistant certification.

Assistant Certification Requirements

To maintain your certification you must:

  1. Maintain Assistant Certification with AMA during the membership period. This will ensure the offical is covered by indemnity insurance.
  2. If not exempt, maintain a current Working with Children Check relevant to the state or territory in which you will be working.
  3. Each year, undertake assistant duties at a minimum of three (3) events.
  4. You will be required to submit a duty log of your officiating activities.


AMA Officials Duty Log

AMA Officials Manual

AMA Code of Conduct