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Insurance Advice

Incident Reporting

Whenever an incident occurs which involves medical treatment to a person involved in an event, or where a third party has been injured, an Injury Illness Report Form must be completed and forwarded to AMA management immediately. 

Whenever an incident occurs where damage is caused to the property of a third party an Property Damage Report Form must be completed and forwarded to AMA management immediately. 

Further, where a third party has indicated that they wish to make a claim or it appears likely that they will make a claim against an event organiser, official or member, this must be reported as soon as possible to AMA Incident Helpline at 0476 783 090 or email .

Incident Recording and Data Collection

Event organisers/officials should ensure that as much evidence as possible is preserved to assist AMA and/or its insurers with the investigation of potential claims. In particular, that all relevant pre-event and post-event documentation (e.g. risk assessments, pre-event literature to participants, notices, correspondence, photographs, videos, etc), is made available to AMA and is retained for a minimum of 3 years following the incident date. Where a minor (a person aged under 18 years) is involved, event organisers/officials should seek guidance from AMA regarding the length of time records should be retained.

The event organiser/officials should obtain the names, addresses and contact telephone numbers of all potential witnesses.

Incident Confidentiality

Where an incident has taken place, those involved MUST NOT discuss the circumstances, admit liability or disclose any documentation to a third party, their representatives or on social media, as this could prejudice AMA and/or its insurers. All requests for information from a third party or their representatives should be directed to AMA via the Incident Helpline or email. However, please note that where there is Police involvement event organisers/officials/participants must always cooperate fully with the Police.

It should be noted that once an incident has been referred to our insurers, they or their appointed agents may conduct an investigation. Organisers, event officials and participants should co-operate fully with those investigations. However, they should not discuss the incident with anyone until they have verified with AMA that it is in order for them to do so. This is particularly important in order to prevent anyone speaking inadvertently to a third party legal or insurance representative.

Useful contact information

Incident Helpline: 0476 783 090


Post: Insurance and Risk Officer, AMA, PO Box 6421, Yatala DC QLD, 4207