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Being a member of AMA Club means joining with the thousands of other enthusiasts that get behind the bars, wheel and out on the road, track, trails and water more often, under the auspices of the Automobile and Motorcycle Association Ltd (the AMA).

Membership to the AMA Club gives you access to the benefits as well as the opportunity to participate in any of the hundreds of education, racing, recreation and social events sanctioned by the AMA. Review your AMA Club membership benefits and inclusions, listed below.

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Solo Sport (competitive or non competitive) Membership 1 year;

Family* Sport (competitive or non competitive) Membership 1 year;

Temporary Sport (competitive or non competitive) Membership (one event only);

Solo Recreation Membership 5 years (cannot be used in any form of sport or on any type of track or park).

Solo Sport Membership: Permits members to participate in any form of AMA sanctioned social, education, or recreation activity, involving any form of on road or off road motorcycle, sidecar, scooter, trike, ATV, automobile, 4WD, SSV or registered PWC. Members intending to participate in competitive sport events, with the exception of observed motorcycle trials, it is mandatory to purchase a Sport Licence from the AMA. Refer personal accident insurance below.

Family* Sport Membership: Includes the benefits of Solo Membership, for all persons as detailed on the primary applicants Medicare card, plus any other persons under 18, which the primary applicant may be guardian of. Members intending to participate in competitive sport events, with the exception of observed motorcycle trials, it is mandatory to purchase a Sport Licence from the AMA. Refer personal accident insurance below.

Solo Recreation Membership: Permits members to participate in any form of AMA sanctioned educational or recreational activity ONLY involving REGISTERED on road or off road Automobile (4WD, street, SSV), Motorcycle (ADV, ATV, sidecar, street, trail, trike) or PWC in touring trips, educational programmes, camping and any other activity incidental thereto including non driving or riding social activity and any other club related activity.

Public Liability Insurance: Membership to AMA Club means public liability insurance is applied to each member during an AMA sanctioned event for which the member has registered. The AMA's public liability insurance cover provides an indemnity, limited to $20,000,000 for legal liabilities arising from claims made against an event organiser, official or participant that involves either bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

Personal Accident Insurance: Due to an increase in policy costs, the AMA is no longer able to cover the cost of personal accident insurance cover in the cost of Membership. Any person wanting to be covered with personal accident insurance during an AMA sanctioned non competitive sport activity, has the option to take out cover with the AMA in the form of a Sport Licence. Any AMA Club member wanting to participate in AMA sanctioned competitive sport events, it is mandatory that a Sport Licence be taken out with the AMA. There are 3 x sport licence options to choose from, which include i) $5k death and $25k disablement, or ii) $25k death and $25k disablement or iii) $50k death and $50k disablement. 

Please note: The AMA's accident insurance does not provide a weekly accident benefit to cover any loss of income you might experience as a result of an accident or incident whilst participating in an AMA event.

Your Freedom to Drive and Ride Protected: By joining the AMA, you are taking an active role in fighting against forces that threaten our freedom to participate in our pastime. Your membership contributes to the AMA Advocacy Fund to protect your right to drive and ride and to give you tools to defend your freedoms. The AMA  Advocacy area is where you can find legislative report portals at all levels of government to review, make an informed decision and then take action all in one place. Read our position statements, subscribe to action alerts, review our legislative scorecard and then join in the discussion on our social media sites.

Amateur Racing: Participants of AMA sanctioned racing events compete with standards that maintain consistency in rule making, advancement, appeals, class structure and recognition.

Member Benefits: Enjoy incredible savings with discounts on parts, gear and accessories, hotel rooms, bike rentals, and much more from retailers (coming soon).

More than 200 AMA Affiliate Organisations: Connect with campers, drivers, riders and racers in your area through 200+ AMA affiliate organisations and groups. Check out the list of AMA Affiliates in your area or learn how to start an AMA Subsidiary or AMA Group of your own.

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